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Products & Service


We provide consultation services for the development of oceanographic instruments.
We will support you not only in customizing our products, but also in finding solutions to your problems, such as achieving certain goals or obtaining certain data.
Please feel free to contact us.


Development Examples

◆Development cooperation for the Underwater Optical Wireless Communication System

We cooperate this project to Shimadzu Corporation: Remote Control of Underwater Drone by Fiber-Coupled Underwater Optical Wireless Communication
Conference presentation at OCEANS 2022→https://www.offshore-technologies.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/OCEANS-2022-Chennai-paper-210801-001.pdf


◆Mini general purpose AUV(MUV)

Mini general purpose AUV(MUV)

The Mini General Purpose AUV (MUV) is a small AUV compatible with robotics development middleware “ROS.” In addition to the middleware provided by our company, customers can build their own software, allowing usage for a variety of applications.

Observable depth: 100m
Navigation speed: 5 knots max.
Pitch / Yaw control: Controlled by 4 independent moving wings
Guidance: INS
OS: Linux 4.9 (ROS Melodic)
Positioning: USBL
Sensors: DVL, Sonar
Other observations in the past: Illuminance, dissolved oxygen, waves, FRRF, etc.
Communication method: 2.4GHz wireless communication (for setting)/ Iridium SBD communication (pelagic) / SSBL (optional)
Battery: 1kwh lithium rechargeable battery
Size / Weight: Length 1800mm x Diameter 200mm Weight 37kg