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Compact Plankton Sampler ”Plafilt”

Plafilt is an underwater particle sampler which collect plankton, microplastics, and other particles in the water by suctioning and filtering them with an underwater pump. It is lightweight, with an aerial weight of approximately 5 kg, and easy to maneuver on small vessels or by hand on the wharf.
It can be operated via a web application using a smartphone, tablet, or PC connected via Wi-Fi.


■ Specification
Dimensions L360mm×W100mm×H170 mm
Filter size 90mm diameter *Filters not included
Weight in air 5kg
Maximum depth 250m
Communications Wi-Fi
Power Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Observable time Maximum 24 hours *depend on the environment
(Flow rate 11,520Lequate)
Underwater Pump Discharge rate: 0-8L/min
Can be set in 4 steps(100%, 75%, 50%, 25% equate)
Accessories Battery charger
Charging cable
Carrying case
Optional accessory Wire clamps for multiple clamping
Others with Leak check port


■ Sensors
Temperature Initial accuracy: ±0.1℃
Resolution: 0.01℃
Depth Maximum depth: 250m
Initial accuracy: 1%FS
Flow Rate 0-30L/min


■ Each Part


■ Web Application



■ Example of Plankton Samples


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